Life is a Journey…Remember to stop and enjoy each moment

Hello I'm Donna
Hello I’m Donna

Life is a journey that has many roads and detours. Some paths are shorter than others but it’s not about the length of the journey but the quality of the experiences along the way. I’ve been blessed with the love of family and the warmth of friends, the richness of a fruitful life. I’ve been given the opportunity to stop and enjoy the rewards in life that really matter and have come to realize that there are many lives that I have touched in an amazing way.

My holistic roots and familial longevity have afforded me good health. So I embarked on a path to share the benefits of a simpler life with those who would dare to try it.

I must now warn you, don’t let healthy habits and great health lull you into a false sense of security. Get those check-ups. They really do make a difference. You see, even though I’m exceptionally healthy I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s right CANCER…the great equalizer. I always felt great and never got sick so I just felt like those check-ups and screenings were just not all that necessary. That’s where I went wrong. Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

There is no family history for me, no genetic defect but there are many environmental hazards that we cannot protect ourselves from.

So as I amble along this new path, I’ll share my experiences along the way, hoping to enlighten, encourage, and inspire.

“Peace is not the absence of turmoil but the presence of God”