Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

Nanna’s Italian Salad Dressing Mix

Well, I really need to buy a better camera (someday). My apologies for not offering any pictures with this blog post but I think we all know what Italian Salad Dressing looks like. In a previous blog post titled Magnificent Gluten Free Spaghetti Dinner – Magnifica Cena Spaghetti Senza Glutine I promised to post my…

Tyler Yelle

A Vegan Lifestyle

Hello! This is Tyler Yelle, Donna’s grandson and a new guest writer on her blog. About 6 weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle. That’s right, vegan, no animal products at all. We made this decision for a number of reasons, with the number one being our health, as…

Super Food Sauté Over Jasmine Rice

Super Food Side Dish

Super Food Side Dish Ingredients 3 Tablespoons Rosemary Garlic infused cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (I make this by adding a few sprigs of rosemary and a few cloves of halved garlic to a bottle and fill it with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Then cover it and leave it set in a…

Ready Nutrition

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