A tribute that left me speechless….You never know how you’ve touched someone’s life…I’m blessed

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“Life is short”

This expression has always struck me as an overused cliché. Life isn’t that short. For most people, life is long and can be incredibly fruitful, filled with road trips, weekends at camp with your friends and family, and trying to understand the human condition while finding the beauty in your day-to-day grind to make ends meet. However, life, and its circumstances can change very quickly and it is in these moments that it seems awfully short. It is in these moments that one is forced to come to grips with how precious each day is. One is forced to appreciate and cherish each morning their husband pours their coffee, watching the morning news with a loved one, driving to work, doing laundry, making dinner, and setting the alarm to wake up early enough to do it all again the next day.

My grandmother, or Nanna if you…

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Welcome to my blog. I’m Donna and I’m from a small town in the Upper Midwest. I’ve gone from farm girl to city life and back, and here I’ll share my experiences and the discoveries I make, as I move toward a simpler time! I hope you’ll join me!!

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