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The more time passes the more I come to realize that less is more and simple is simply the best.  I’m fortunate to come from an era where the wisdom of past generation was handed down with pride and folks were artisans of their crafts. There is a great sense of satisfaction in creating instead of relying on commercialism. As I go forward to discover treasures of the past I hope to share those discoveries here!


One of the things I’ve discovered as I go through the process of minimizing commercialism in my life is that organization is vital to the process and planning is an integral part of the organization process.  This means evaluating and prioritizing tasks.  The old phrase “Make Hay While The Sun Shines” means precisely that. If you need to make hay and the sun is shining….make hay! Don’t go fishing.  Fish will bite in the rain.  Hay will rot if it gets wet. Simple!


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Welcome to my blog. I’m Donna and I’m from a small town in the Upper Midwest. I’ve gone from farm girl to city life and back, and here I’ll share my experiences and the discoveries I make, as I move toward a simpler time! I hope you’ll join me!!

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